Amazon Sellers

Updated 02/2022 

To our Amazon FBA Sellers,


While most of what we sell can be listed on Amazon, several of our products are restricted by the manufacturer. Please review the known list below. 


Per the manufacturer(s), these brands are not to be sold on Amazon FBA:


  • Angry Goat
  • Blair's Controlled Death 
  • Elijah's
  • Hell Fire Detroit
  • Jelly Belly
  • Secret Aardvark
  • Seed Ranch
  • Shaquanda's
  • Terrapin Farms
  • Torchbearer


This list will be updated with new products as we learn about restrictions, however we are not responsible for any item(s) on this list that you purchase and can not sell on Amazon. 


Please do your homework and ensure you can list an item before purchasing it. It is your responsibility to check with brand owners and Amazon regarding any restrictions. We do not "give permission" on behalf of any brand. Should you want to return products that Amazon will not accept, you are responsible for the return shipping and a 20% restocking fee will be deducted from your refund.


We are not responsible for checking your order for Amazon restricted items. 


We have had many customers inquire about Amazon FBA "prep" services. Presently, we are unable to provide those services but we can ship your order to a prep facility of your choice.


-Team Pepper Explosion