Amazon Sellers

Dear Amazon Sellers,

While most of the products we sell can be sold on Amazon, there are a few products in which sales are restricted by the manufacturer. The list below includes those companies in which we are aware of restrictions. Please review this list. 

This list will be updated with new products as we learn about restrictions, however we are not responsible for any item(s) in which you purchase and can not sell on Amazon. 


Per the manufacturer(s), you may not sell these brands on Amazon

  • Adoboloco
  • Sauce Bae
  • Queen Majesty
  • Small Axe/Bronx Hot Sauce  
  • Heartbeat (unless they approve you as a seller)
  • Sauce Bae
  • Little Nitro Gummy Bear 
  • Secret Aardvark
  • Shaquanda's Hot sauces (new)
  • Torchbearer Sauces: Closed to new sellers (new)
  • Flamethrower  (new)
  • Fiji Fire (new)


We don't make these rules! However, we are the messenger and are responsible for enforcing these policies.


Please note that we have no way of knowing all products that are restricted. Please do your homework and ensure you can list an item "before" purchasing it. We are not responsible for items that you bought in which can not be sold on Amazon.

We have had many people ask if we offer "prep" services. Very soon, we will be adding this service.